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Fast Facts: The vast majority of business losses happen because the thief had a key.

Q: Why should I use a Aeverest locksmith in ottawa ?

A: Everest Locksmith has been solving security problems for our customers for over 20 years with many satisfied customers.
Our client profile includes:
  • Retail businesses
  • Franchises
  • Factory outlet chain stores
  • Commercial and industrial businesses
  • Government agencies Federal, Provincial, and Local
  • Hospitals, health care services, and medical office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Day care centers
  • Property management
  • Realtors
  • General contractors and builders
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores

We take security matters seriously. That is why all of our expert technicians are carefully screened to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All our technicians are licensed, bonded and fully insured. We pride ourselves on a highly trained staff. We are continuously sending our technicians for technical training to better prescribe security solutions for our valued customers.

When you go to a large company like Everest Locksmith you get the following benefits.

  • A professional quote with no hidden charges.
  • Professional security advice from security technicians that average over ten years of experience, teach in their areas of specialization and are nationally recognized for their expertise.
  • At Everest Locksmith, we stand by our work and all parts and labor are backed with a full warranty for 90 days.
Q: Is Aeverest Locksmith members of the Better Business Bureau?

A: Yes. Call and check us out! or click the BBB Logo. We have A+ Rating

Q: Will Everest Locksmith provide commercial customers with proof of insurance?

A: Yes. If you require a certificate of insurance, we'll get it to you immediately so that the job can proceed without delay.

Q: What area do we cover?

A: We cover Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau ...

Q: I am moving into a new home, should I rekey the locks? They seem to be working properly?

A: The answer is YES! Everyone has someone that they trust with their house keys, this does not mean you can trust them. How many neighbors, old baby sitters, cleaning people are walking around with the key to your home? Change the locks and then give keys to people you and you alone trust..

Q: Do you Cut Keys on site?

A: Yes. We cut a lot of keys and we are very experienced in this field..
  • Key cutting as a copy of an original
  • Key cutting to code numbers (keys for office furniture, keys for letter-boxes, cash-boxes, locker-keys, front-door keys etc)
  • Key cutting for high security keys, copy-protected keys and masterkeys. Usually, various authentication and authorisation procedures have to be followed to order security keys.

Q: Should I use mobile locksmith who advertise on google without a location?

A: Aeverest locksmith don't recommend mobile. check these youtube video below.

Q: Do you open or repair safes?

A: Yes, we do. Please call us with the brand name and model or email us a picture, this will be helpful to give you a price for opening or repairing a safe.

Q: What are the advantages of a high security lock?

A: A high security lock offers two advantages:

  • Their lock barrels offer a far higher level of security against picking, drilling or bump key than standard lock barrels do.
  • The keys are copy protected. Only the registered owner is able to obtain copies of the keys. The keys will be cut to number (the number can usually be found on the key or on the lock), therefore we don't need the original key to make a copy of your high security replacement key.
  • There is many brands like Abloy Protec, Medeco and Multilock...

Q: What are combination locks?

A: Combination locks are locks with mechanical like Unican 1000 or electronic keypad.

Q: Do you recommend the use of a safe?

A: Yes. For valuable items around the house everyday. Laptops, cameras, and spare car keys to name but a few. Not to mention valuable documents such as passports, driving licences etc. A safe is well, safe.

Q: What is Auto locksmithing? or Car locksmith

A: Auto locksmithing is dealing with locks and other security issues that concern vehicles. Should you misplace your car keys or somehow lock them in the car, then a Locksmith can pick the lock of the door to retrieve them, or simply provide access to the vehicle. Auto Locksmithing is also known as car locksmithing and the service covers simply car entry to new or additional keys cut and programmed in to the vehicle.

Q:What Is a Transponder Key or chip key ?

A: A transponder key, by basic definition, is a device that transmits or accepts data from another device. In the case of a vehicle, the transponder key is usually found in the ignition key itself, which gives the car another level of security and allows drivers to access their cars through keyless entry. These keys can be loaded with more than a trillion unique codes.

Q: Do you program Transponder Key?

A: Yes we do. We have the latest machines and software to cut and program your transponder car keys.

We carry the largest range of Automotive keys, locks, Transponder keys.

If you have any questions not covered here, just fill out our form on the contact page, we will be happy to respond, and if it is a really good question we might post it on out FAQ page.

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